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5 years 2 months ago #359 by CZTM
ZESTO HAULAGE was created by CZTM
I am not stating that this guy is a scammer, merely telling my story. We started doing business with these guys June last year. The driver reported to us that apparently someone had made the comment that we would not be working long with this guy as he does not pay. But we did our first week with them at the end of June and when the 30 days was up we got our payment as we should. So we were encouraged, thinking the rumor was false. When time, however came for the second payment, it did not arrive. This one was significantly larger, the first one having been R20000, this one was R66000. And since we did not buy diesel on account, we had invested our own money into making this money, which we needed back for maintainance, tax, etc. We went hired a law firm in September to draft a letter of demand for us and start the legal process of getting the money back. They admitted to owing us the money and kept the lawyer at bay by stating we had not provided them with an LOD for a single load and they would not pay the monies until that was resolved. We searched for the copy of the LOD from the company involved and thought the matter had been settled. They came back to us with the same complaint, now demanding documents from a month we had not worked for them. The third party concern took our side on this. And when asked if that was all would they now make payment, they have not responded. It is January and we are still waiting for payment owed to us in September. Fortunately the lawyers pressured them into paying R20000 of the money, but the rest remains owed and no valid reason has been given for that.

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