2013LogoTranshub is an online transport directory offering transport and transport related services for companies, brokers and individuals. It serves as a communication and advertising platform for transporters, brokers and transport service providers. We are simply a service for the transport industry, providing exposure of businesses and services via the internet.

Website Services:

Services for Transporters Include

Business Directory Listing
List Available Trucks & Vehicle listings
Truck, Trailer Bakkie Hire Request
Provide Quotes
Map Route Calculator
Fuel Mileage Calculator

Services for Brokers Include

Business Directory Listing
List Available Loads
Database of Available Trucks and Vehicles

Services for Transport Services Providers Include

Business Directory Listing

Services for Individuals \ Public Include

Search Business Directory Listings
Search Available Trucks & Vehicles
Quote Request
Truck, Trailer and Bakkie Hire Request
Fuel Mileage Calculator

Most services above require registration on the website which is free.

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